1. What were the positive and negative implications of the film?

This film was not only very intriging, but eye-opening. The fact that we barely know anything about our own brain amazes me. I feel as if this movie asks more questions than it answers. The knowledge aquired is an educated assumption at best, for “knowing” anything is truly impossible. Although with this “knowledge” we can better train our soilders, help the disabled, and access the rest of our unused brain. With this new understanding of their conditions will help society unite. Some negative effects of aquireing this knowledge are litterally in your mind. Getting this knowledge on the amygidala, and its functions, lets us furthur understand our fears and why they occur. Then whenever we had a fear we would know its irrational, but regardless of what we do to stop it, that fear will always control our brains. 


2. How did the film address the following?

Where the Knowledge came from: In the film, The Brain, the knowledge acquired came from the assuptions, tests, and studies of various orginizations. Support for their claims came from interviews with specific people. For example, there were interviews with psychpaths asking them about their emotions and feelings. There were also interviews done with base jumpers when trying to study the effects of fear and adrenaline on the body and brain while they were executing their daredevil deeds. 

How the Knoledge is Kept and Stored: Knowledge is so vast and full of variety, one could only wonder: Where is our knowledge stored? Its mostly stored in the hippocampus, visual and situational memory. But then there is muscle memory and sensory memory. For example, when learning a new play in water polo, if you continue to practice the move over and over you will eventually remember what your body should be doing. Other parts of the brain relate senses to memories, which is why certain smells remind you of certain memories. 

Problems: There will always be stereotypes and assumptions made, in every single thing we do. The knowledge we acquire sometimes proves to be false so its hard not to bring our own opinions on certain subjects. They have tests which can determine whether or not a person is a psychopath or not. If someone was not a psychopath and got tested positivly people might react differently to that person in the future. 

3. Personal Responce and Questions:  

This film was really intriging and it really got me intrested in the neuroscience feild. It really amazes me how our brains are almost always ‘time-traveling’ through our memories and experiences. I wish i could watch the film again to reevaluate all the information i took in. When they film talked about the Navy seals controlled breathing to resemble being relaxed, i related it to water polo. I made this relation because in waterpolo you have to control your breathing or you wont make it past 3 minutes in a game.  



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