One thought on “This i Believe- Chris Blondeau

  1. The ‘This I Believe’ project stood out to me as a project where I could put my very own opinion on the world into a video. And the fact that I made a rap, something I’ve never done before, really made it even more worth it. To start my process I wrote my beliefs down. Honestly that was the hardest part because I wanted my beliefs to come from the heart. After that I wrote my rap. I have no idea how I did it hahaha. I just wrote some lines that generalized my beliefs and then made that my chorus. On top of that I wrote two verses. In these verses I pretty much just said be yourself, and be a good person. After I recorded the rap I found pictures to go with it and then I recorded ‘SWAG’ in the back. All in all, I am really proud of my video because it portrays my beliefs perfectly. If I could pinpoint one belief it would be…. “I believe there are only three things you need in life, Open-mindedness, Honesty, and Love.”

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