Reflection: After reading this article I had to instantly read it again to let the information sink in. There were many things that I don’t have an opinion on, or dont agree with. And at the same time there were many things that I found interesting and or totally agreed with. A statement that stood out to me in this paper was when the author wrote, “that secure knowledge can never be found? That our boundless ignorance explains why we feel so confident of success in bounded knowledge? That each discovery creates in the long run more mystery than it solves?” This statement reflects on how our knowledge might not always be correct or solid, for everything changes, and in the long run it is going to raise more questions compared to the answers that the particular knowledge gives. Overall, this article really made me think about what knowledge really is, and how much it really helps society. It’s always interesting to hear another persons perspective because peoples views can vary so much its ridiculous. It can go from a group of people who believe in Scientology to a omish person to an atheist.


Mitt Romney‏@MittRomney

I will create 12 million new jobs, when @BarackObama couldn’t. It’s time to get our country back on track.

I got this off mitt romenys page. It seems as if hes just trying to undermine his competition. The fact that he says “When Barack Obama couldnt” Doesnt have any factual evidence supporting it. Its just the retarded, self centered opinion of a man who might lead our country…. man i hate politics.

But since some people just support political parties, regardless of the people running, Romeny will get support from saying this. Also twitter is a great resource for behind the scenes of political opinion. Personally i think its wrong to undermine your competition.


Video on Climate change:

After watching this video I was baffled on how much the government and propaganda lie to the public. It makes my think that the things we do now will definitely affect us in the future. Although since there is so many lies in the world, its hard to tell what is the truth and what is a lie. This video made me think about slavery and the drastic transition from slaves being okay to it being completely and morally wrong.


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