2. CURATE an optical illusion (or more than 1) you find particularly interesting and post to your blog so we can share them. If you can explain how it works that would be great.

How many legs does this elephant have?

Okay so I did this classic guy. The instructions simply ask “how many legs does this elephant have?”. The answer is really 4 legs, well that are actually attached to the elephant, but there’s a trick. The spaces between his back leg, three middle legs, and his trunk, have black markings making it appear as if the elephant has 5, instead of four legs.

3. CHOOSE 1 sense (hearing). Choose 1 hour of your day and keep track of absolutely EVERYTHING you experience through that sense ONLY: (Hearing)

  • The unzipping of a backpack
  • The clanking of the hinges in headphones
  • 20 minutes of straight music. (drums, guitar, vocals, horns, practically everything)
  • The yelling of a peer at me
  • My own voice replying 
  • Chattering girls
  • Chairs shuffling
  • Teachers talking
  • The clanking of my head phones 
  • Another 30 minutes of music (mainly vocal, some light guitar, stick banging, percussion) 
  • Bell ringing
  • Chairs shuffling
  • Doors opening
  • Talking
  • Lockers opening
  • Wind

4. RESPOND with a paragraph regarding your reading of Hilary Lawson’s story about visual agnosia:

That was crazy! Such an amazing story! Visual agnosia could be seen as both amazing or intimidating. John wasn’t born with anything, but rather it was a result of the procedure he had done. One would just assume that he could relearn everything, but instead its actually the connection in his brain that changed. Losing sight would be terrible, but imagine visual agnosia. Many people dont time took look at something past its recognition, they miss the fine detail they carry. I feel from watching this video one just has to live like john, in a sense of reality. Although his might be very different because his disability, he still has a sense of reality he is familiar with. 

5. Which of the 3 “Theories of Reality” do you most adhere to? EXPLAIN.

The theory of reality that find the most consistent is the theory of scientific realism. I feel there is something greater than to what we just see, like a deeper connection to everything and everything. I’m not religious whatsoever, but I do understand and feel a connection to all mass, and energy. I like scientific realism the best because I believe in seeing the world from a perspective, and regardless of your perspective, you are connect to the planet some way, somehow. 

6. We are all very good at seeing only what we want to see. Can you give some EXAMPLES of the way in which our BELIEFS, CULTURE, or MOOD affects the way we see things?

There is something that affects 84% of people on the planet. Religion. Religion is in simple terms an answer. An answer to life, how to live, why to live, everything. It is astonishing how much it affects people, and how much it changes their views. “Though I had no outward vision, the illumination of the heart is the best vision one can have, and from that day I have never been sorry, and I have never doubted that God called me to this work.” -Jeremiah 1:4-10. I found this online straight from the bible. It practically says if you follow your heart in belief regardless of your situation, your doing good work for god, so be happy. If one believed in this I assume they would enlighten themselves to do the same. Just from reading massively believed words in a book, it changes so many peoples views. And at the same time as religion being a good thing, it also can be a negative. Religion can make people blind, and ignorant to any views of the nonreligious or different. 

7. Regarding Pattie Maes’ TED talk on technology and a “Sixth Sense”, what IMPLICATIONS do you foresee for such knowledge/ perception enhancers?

I cant see anything better if it is practically the same thing. It amazes me that people create the same practical thing that does the same function as the thing prior to it, but faster. There will never be any real difference to the things function, but just the difference in how it functions. Regardless you will only benefit a few seconds. 

8. Find an example of a logo or advertisement using the design principles of GESTALT. Identify if it involves Similarity, Dissimilarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, or Figure and Ground.

I chose the logo from the airline booking site “The Company”. It is a 2D image but the way the lines are drawn make it appear to be a globe. 

9. CURATE an article or video regarding ANY of the senses and sense perception. Try to find at least 2 knowledge issues /questions and post all to blog (for example, here is an article discussing eye-tracking patterns for reading)

First off, this article is absolutely amazing. IT READS IT TOO YOU. Its an article on this website Scientific American and it talks about a study that was done to figure out if your sense of smell is enhanced when you are anxious or stressed out. That is insanity because i face this everyday!! This leads me to my question: How do you know when your smell is enhanced? Can you really determine a difference in the quality of your smell? And the next question: Do certain smells resemble other smells? Could you ever mistake a smell for a completely different other smell? 


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