How does our visual perception help and hinder our pursuit of knowledge?

Our visual perception interferes with everything we do. With our intellectual studies, our attraction to people, even our like of a certain food. Some might even say its the most important sense! This video by Beau Lotto is an interview where he evaluates and states the optical illusions are nothing more than warped visual perception. He also mentions the fact that things in its entirety, like the world, cannot be seen for what it really is. There is too many concepts  things, and situations going on at once to determine what it is. This intrigued me into trying to picture the world for what it is, and I couldn’t; I only could picture the classic earth outer space picture. Lotto also states that humans have no direct access to the physical world. I disagree completely because just being in a physical state on this planet you are already connected to the planet. And when you surround yourself with the physical world through vision and touch. What is considered a physical connection to the planet? Is it actually a physical bond between cells and molecules, or is it more than that?

Another video that really intrigued me was the Familiar Faces video. It just goes to show that in every picture there is more than meets the eye. Sometimes its something you dont want haha. This experiment proved that just physical attraction through digital perception is enough to attract people.

How are our sense is manipulated by the media?

How aren’t our senses manipulated by the media? Everytime you go one the internet, watch TV, listen to the radio, go to the store, practically everything you do; your senses are being assaulted by the media. The use of psychology and the understanding of the senses is like and atom bomb on altering what you think and how you feel. Personally I wish i could abolish the media because it brain washes people everyday. How could we recover from this sense assault? Could we overcome this media addiction?


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