1. “A Touch of Understanding: Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box”. Researchers have been looking at neurons and their relation to feeling; this research may lead to a neural map of touch. Question: How many neurons branch directly off of the brain?
  2. This article is on the new long distance ‘Kissing device’, which allows you to feel your partners kiss at any location by connecting to wireless internet. Question: Would a robot ever be able to resemble a humans actual feel and touch?
  3. “10 Psychological Effects of Nonsexual Touch”. This article states the research on how a simple touch can activate parts of human psychology to get in “the mood”. Question: What is considered a sexual touch over a non-sexual touch?
  4. “The Body Language of Touch”. This article states the importance of touch and how we process this sense mentally. Question: Is it more essential that we experience the sensation of touch when we are in our childhood over our adulthood?
  5. “Touch Illusions”. This article and video discusses how psychologically we adopt inanimate objects to feel a particular thing even though the object isn’t connected to you whatsoever. Question: Do people with prosthetic limbs feel some sort of connection with their fake limbs? 
  6. “Sleeping Beauties at Ukraine Art Installation”. This video shows a group of women who are kissing random men without seeing them to find their fairy tale groom. Question: What if once the girls open their eyes they aren’t down for who they choose?


  1. “The Sound of Taste”. This article shows the various effects of sound on taste, and taste on sound. Question: Does this give an explanation to super fancy restaurants having classical music playing?
  2. “Worlds Largest Natural Sound Archive”. This article looks at the largest collection of natural sounds in the world and how it is now available online. Question: Is it important to archive our natural sounds for them may be gone one day?
  3. “Music and the Brain”. This article evaluates how human ear is designed to absorb and tell your brain to react to certain sounds. Question: If a person is born deaf, would they be able to have this same effect using just the vibrations they feel from sound?
  4. “How Does Sounds Affect Creativity?”. This states how our physical environment’s sounds have a significant influence on our creativity. Question: If an individual was blindfolded listening to sad music, would the combination of the darkness and the sad music make their emotions intensify?
  5. “The Cocktail Party Effect”. This article states an effect which is a hidden ability that all humans have, which allows us to tune our attention to just one voice from a multitude of others. Question: Are there any disorders which hinder an individuals ability to focus? Would this be ADD?
  6. “Beethoven’s Deafness Possibly Influenced His Music”. This article discusses how Beethoven’s hearing impairment may have had an influence on his music that he composed. Question: What would his music have sounded like if he did not have this impairment?

“Sound from Silence”. This article goes through the current and future research of the structure of the inner ear, and the research on how to produce a device which enables deaf people to hear once again. Question: Is it purely the ear drum that causes an individual to go deaf? http://www.beyonddiscovery.org/content/view.article.asp?a=252


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