“Thought is not merely expressed in words, it comes into existence through them” 

-L. Vygotsky

This quote analyses one of the major components that make us human, communication. Words are the only way we can attempt to understand one another, for we can never truly understand someones thoughts just by looking at them. Without words collaborations of ideas would never occur therefore making your thoughts even harder to bring to existence.

PERCEPTION: How does language affect the way we see things, and vice versa? How does written language affect knowledge differently than spoken language?

Language greatly impacts the way in which we perceive things. If a person were to comment on a particular event in history, for example The Civil War, and use new vocabulary the perspective one person would receive from these comments could be completely different. But at the same time it could be completely the same. When something is spoken it is easier to understand the context and feeling that someone is trying to express for they are using body language, tone, and expressions to get their point understood further. With written language it is more difficult to understand how the person actually feels or what they are trying to express.

3. Try to define as precisely as possible these words: a. triangle    b. love     c. table  What is the difference? Which was easiest to define?

A triangle is a two dimensional, three sided shape. Where it can be found outside of theory is looking at one of the sides of the pyramids in Egypt. Love is a feeling that your brain produces based on desire for or attachment to an object. A table is flat surface parallel to the ground, raised to some extent over it. A table is the easiest to describe because it is the simplest concept.

5. To what extent is your use of languages accompanied by images? Does every word conjure up an image or only some of them?

Images and words go hand in hand. When I say fire truck you picture a fire truck. Without an image to acompany it, it would just be a jumble of tones. I feel that most every word has an image to accompany it. The words that are hardest to conjure up an image to support it are adjectives. But even there you have images vaigly describing what it describes.

7. Do you think communication would be improved if we got rid of vague words?  Do you think vague or ambiguous words sometimes serve a purpose?

I believe that deleting vague words from our vocabulary would not improve our understandably of each others ideas. It is the broad word that set a foundation of the conversation for more complex word to build on it.  I do think that vague and ambiguous words sometimes serve a purpose because they set this foundation.

9.When Bill Clinton was elected to the White House in `93, his wife Hillary wanted to be known as “Presidential Partner”, not “First Lady”. What is the difference in connotations? If a woman ever would become president of the USA, what do yo think would be an appropriate title for her husband?

I believe there is no connotation besides implying that she helps make decisions, which is totally wrong. The presidents executive seat implies that regardless of family influence, that he will make the decision based on the power entrusted in him. The first gent would be the best title for he is just related by marriage to the president, not elected with him.

11. What would be the advantages  and disadvantages of everyone in the world spoke a common language? What would be gained and what would be lost?

There would be many advantages if everyone in the world spoke the same language, but there would be great loss also. I believe the culture behind the development of the language would be losed, and traded for mass communication and understandably. But there could never be one language based on the vast separation, for there will always be variation and slang developed.

19. Do you agree with the old rhyme “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? In light of the effects of cyberbullying, how might you analyse this quote?

I totally agree with this saying old rhyme. It makes total sense in every context. One must learn that you are truly an induvidual and that others influence, especially verbal shouldn’t affect you enough to kill yourself. It was made for a purpose, and this purpose was to strengthen the mental health of the US, and by putting it in a catchy phrase.

The four videos that are on this blog post are very interesting. Its insanity how much language drives our lives, for it is the only thing that bases our connections to eachother. I was very intrigued to see the morphing of baby language to actual words. It shows us how we make simple sounds into complex words. Its insane that our language is reversing its progression from the inovation of instant communication. This results in abreviated words like LOL and TTYL and BRB.


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