In light of all the controversy in Syria right now I decided to do my summer curate on the photos and information generated from this chemical assault.

This is a photo of someone affected by the chemical warfare in Syria

It all started with a chemical attack on civilians in Syria. Thousands of pictures, videos, and news reports instantly spread across the world at lightning speeds. This event really led me, and the world, to question “What the hell is happening in Syria?” There were first reactions from every government in the world, especially the US. The US, being the big police officer like always, instantly accused the corrupt government in a subliminal way, assuring that justice would be served in a costly matter. Well how could we know? With the issues occurring in such a corrupt country its hard to back up these claims. What knowledge issues are there? To start there is the uncertainty of the knowledge. Uncertainty isn’t something to be taken lightly, for the uncertain knowledge will spread to the populace making them uncertain too. There is too many possibilities of who, why someone would commit this crime. Another problem with all of this publicity in Syria is that everyone in the UN has different opinions. For example the Chairman for the UK had an instant reaction like the US president, but had checks and balances with parliament resulting in a rested state of alert, rather than a irrational attack. It seems this assumption of knowledge in the US could potentially lead to a war with people unresposible for the attack. This led me to think, does assumption of knowledge without soild evidence lead to irrational decisions? And how does one assume knowledge? The only answer I could conjure up is that false information influenced assumed knowledge. It is definitely a topic to contemplate.

Remix of a TEDx talk I found titled “The war on consciousness”, due to its length I only did a segment of the talk. : https://chrisisthemanlja.makes.org/popcorn/1d14


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